Haunted places in Delhi

Hello guys , let’s know about the 10 places in Delhi which are believed to be inhabited by ghost, spirits or any invisible natural power. Nearby people notices some paranormal activities so very few people can afford dare to visit those place at night

1.Delhi Cantonment (Delhi cantt) : Delhi Cantonment which is generally known as Delhi cantt . Delhi cantt is established by British – Indian army . This whole area is look like a small forest which is filled by green trees and also have one way road. It is said that in Delhi cantt a woman in white dress asks for lift if you go ahead , then this women chases you. However, there is no news of any harm to anyone to date. People says that may be there is soul of woman is travelling who died in this area.

2.Firoz shah kotla Fort : This fort built by Firoz shah tughlaq in 1354 and now it has been ruined today . some local people believe that there is kind of jin or spirit and says that of you want to feel then go there on Thursday. People believe that someone burns the scented candles every Thursday. And on next day , in some ports of the fort milk and raw grains are also kept in a bowl these incident are often happen. Due to which the identity of fort become now “fort of ghosts”.


3.Khooni Nadi, Rohini : There are fewer people who can afford dare to visit Khooni nadi (Deadly river). Nobody goes around the river. Reason is dead bodies found on the bank of the river. Whatever the cause either murder or suicide or any kind of accident. It is now common place to get dead bodies there. That’s why people count this place in scary/haunted places

Khooni nadi

4.Malcha mahal : Malcha mahal is hidden in Delhi’s south ridge . It was built 700 years ago by firoz shah tughlaq. They used it as hunting ground . this place is ruined now. In 1985 begum Vilayat khan came here to live with two children 5 servants and 12 dogs after coming to this place, she can’t come out of this palace . after that begum committed suicide on 10 sep 1993.it is said that begum spirit wander here even today.

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5.Mutiny house Kashmiri gate : This monumet was built by British in memory of soldiers who were killed in 1857. Yes , even today some local people notices paranormal activities, that’s why it is considered as haunted place .

Mutiny house

6.Bhuli Bhatiyari ka mahal : This palace used to be a hunting ground for tughlaq dynasty . this palace is named after “ bhuli bhutiyari ” in the name of a woman who taking care of it. After being night no one dates to come here . often there come a strange voice surrounding the Palace which make it so scary.

7.Sanjay Van : This is a forest spread in 10 km. It is known as green heart of Delhi. But some locals claims that there is soul of children playing inside this. These activities show that it is a haunted place. After all it is a very dense forest.

Sanjay van

8.Jamali Kamali tomb and mosque : This tomb is situated in mehrauli , Delhi. There is two grave of saint Jamali and kamali. People confidentiality says that there are jinns and spirit of saint wandering . many people had scary experience at this tomb . overall this monument built in 1528-29 and built by red stone and marbles.

9.Khooni Darwaza : There , the son of bahadur shah zafar were brutally killed by British. It is said that, since then they are present in this area .

Khooni darwaza

10.Agrasen ki baoli: As the name suggests , it is a step well with 103 steps situated in canaught place. Some local people heard weird sounds from this baoli . there are many haunted story related to this baoli

Agrasen baoli

Guy’s that all thanks reading this article and do comments to let us know about your views . basically I don’t admire these haunting story about those places .But if you wants some thrills go, visit there

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