Know before you visit GB road

What is GB road

G.B. Road (full name Garstin Bastion Road) is a road running from Ajmeri Gate to Lahori Gate, in Delhi, India. It is a large red-light district. It has several hundred multi-story brothels and there are estimated to be over 1000 workers. It is lined with two or three-storey buildings that have shops on ground floor. About twenty of these buildings have about 100 brothels on the first floor that open at night after the shops at ground level close. It is the biggest red light area in Delhi. The road’s name was officially changed to Swami Shradhanand Marg in 1966.

The road is famous as a market for machinery, automobile parts, hardware and tools and is the largest market for these items in the National Capital Region. The road is crowded with vehicles and persons during the day as it is a commercial area.

How to Deal in GB road

One of the oldest and cheapest place in Delhi where you can interact with decent Indian and Manipuri girls but choosing the right place is the key to find happiness.
Find Street No. 64 which is renowned street of GB road (landmark : there is a popular Pan maker and cigarette shop where the street starts).
Your speed should be around 10km – 15km (50 meters to find the stairs) to pass from that street and you have to go to third floor (Don’t stop in Ground Floor or First floor otherwise your money and clothes will be looted).
After reaching third floor, now the time has come to feel the heaven with full of beautiful angels (I never think they are prostitutes).
You should behave like a gentleman to impress girl because you are going to feel something great.
Select the girl by your choice, move towards her and purpose your intention to visit, if she agrees then go to the next step.

How to pay money after enjoyed

You have to pay only Rs.300 (When i visited there and this may be a bit higher but not more than Rs.500) to get the slip for play and Rs.100 Tip which i always give to girl after the play.
Rooms are less in size and there is some time limitation (Max : 20 minutes). “Plan accordingly”
Few girls don’t like people who already “Drunk”, but few girls love to drink with the person she likes. you will get a beer and smoke as well with cheap rates and if you want to spend some more time with girl. Propose her for night stay which you will charge only 1000 Bugs.
Last but not the least. Evening is the best time to visit between 9:00PM to 12 AM. After 12.00AM people stay who would love to spend night which is an awesome experience in itself.

Best time to visit GB road

the best time to visit GB Road (for those who are going for the first time is between 1Pm to 5pm.

Safety that need

Dont even think of going alone and act as casual as if you are a regular customer to be honest only carry 350 rupees , a metro card and bus pass dont you even dare to carry any other thing else than it and plz dont carry ur credit or debit card and if u carry more than 350 even a single penny consider it as gone.

Safe Kotha

as for kothas 56 and 64 are considered as safe . there are 2 floors in the first floor u will find old bitches (note people in the first floor may say that there is no second floor or some random shit but rush to the second floor) here u will get girls aged below 35 .

It is always on high risk. Whether it is from agent or Girl. Do not carry too much money, gold or any valuable. Don’t to over smart. Don’t drink unsealed beer or drink.

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  1. I’ve been Today alone in G.b.Road I had lucky two guys come to me and ask me if I want a girl I said yes they bring me to a brothel where it was very quiet one told me wait here is the waiting room and the other told me I will bring the girls there was a woman who was around 45 years shouting she was saying what do you want of this guy after I understand what they want I straight a way come out and approach to the main road it was safe requested Uber X and come before he come he wanted to be sure it wasn’t some one dangerous I talk to him and he bring me to my hotel I had 30000 rupees and my Samsung Galaxy s10 plus nothing happened.
    Don’t ever go this place is the most dangerous place in Delhi.

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