Cheapest market in Delhi for electronics

Hello today I am writing about the cheapest markets in Delhi for electronics so let’s starts. This will help you to find the good marketing place

Nehru place : this is the main market for electronics products and one of the cheapest market in Delhi for electronics. The total area secured by the police officers and camera. There is available everything such as mobile, laptop and tempered and many more on reasonable price. Nehru place is one of the biggest electronics market in the world.


Gaffar market : this market is under CCTV surveillance due to the security of public. This market is place in near Karol bagh metro station. This market contains all the things such electronics products such as mobile, laptop and many more. There is also biggest sales of cloths in gaffar market. You can purchase the products in stock for you self business such as earphone and batteries and tempered glass at cheap price.

Gaffar market

Lajpat Rai market: I hope you have the idea of this market if not , this is the cheapest market for electronics products and for others things. This market is place in chandni chowk near lal quila metro station. There you can purchase everything such as mobile, laptop and speakers at cheap price and valuable for money.

Chor Bazar : The chor is beside to the Jama Masjid in Delhi .The chor bazar is very famous in Delhi for electronics products and many more things such as mobile and laptops and earphone and headphone. The headphone available in very cheap price but validity of the product is less and insecure. Be sure if you purchasing any mobile and laptops from chor bazar this could bad for you because these things are stollen from somewhere. And there is lots of chance of pick pocket so make secure to yourself.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you have enjoy the place

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